Nepal Winter Mountain Marathon Part 1

Whistled away in my cupboard was my duffel bag. Inside that duffel bag lay all of my mountaineering equipment that I kept for almost half a year. Now it was about to breathe fresh Nepali air in winter.

My Nepal counterpart and I planned this mountaineering trip/training program from almost 6 months ago since July 2013. Now, in December, we are about to embark on this epic journey.

This journey was to be broken up into two parts; the first was Yala Peak at 5700 metres and the second part was to be Pisang Peak and Chulu Far East, both at slightly above 6000 metres. The whole expedition would take approximately one month and two separate climbing parties were involved in this.

The first person of the first party would be Norman Koh. He is currently a classmate of mine in University and the only person whom I know does adventure sports. We became pretty close in class and one day when I invited him to come aboard one of my climbing trips. He immediately said, “Yes” and that was the start of our 5-men party.

The next person whom got involved was Veronica Tang, whom I met from a class called ‘Special Populations’ in university. After she offered to give me a lift after class, we became acquainted and the next thing you know, after just 30 minutes of talking, she became the second member of the team.

The third member of the team was to be Rizalde Calija. He was my supervisor at my part-time job at X-Boundaries in Singapore and I told him that I was organizing this climb in December. He was very pumped up to get into another adventure after Mount Kinabalu and this seemed like a normal transition from 4000metres to 5000metres. Naturally, he became the third member of the party.

The last was my friend from Nepal, whom I met in Kolcutta in India in June 2013. We became friends in India, and when I went home to Singapore, we immediately got started on planning and he became our official Liaison for costs and permit planning etc. Sure enough, he turned out to be an important chess piece for piecing everything together.

The party of five was formed and we were called TEAM YALA!!!

Yala Peak started off on 7th December 2013, by taking a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Subsequently, we took the bus to LCCT in Kl and then budget flights to Kathmandu.

Below are the pictures and descriptions of the expedition:

All in all, this whole trip could not have been successful without sponsors such as Third Wave Power for sponsoring the party with mpower pad 2. This gave us extended power for our electrical appliances throughout the 11 days climb.

Secondly, Nitecore sponsored each of the climbers with HC50 Headlamps (Review in separate blog entry) as well as 2 batteries to last the whole journey. This torch which was 565 lumens brighten up the darkest summit push and lastest the whole 6 hours of the summit push at full brightness.

Stay tuned for the next part of the Nepal Winter Mountain Marathon, where Pisang Peak was ascended.


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