Climbing In Krabi Thailand

I’m an aspiring climber from the tiny island of Singapore looking constantly at different places of the world, looking for places to exploit and fill up my adventure gauge which is always hanging in the balance.

I graduated from Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma in Outdoor And Adventure Learning and I believe that I’m a true advocate of the outdoors.

The first trip that I did was to Mount Ophir, standing at 1276 metres in Johor Bahru. The feeling of being immersed within nature and actually climbing to the top was just rejuvenating. From then since, I’ve been to Mount Kinabalu twice, climbed Gunung Kerinchi twice and many other tougher treks within the region.

I have also started loving testing out outdoor products ever since I worked for Outdoor Life Pte Ltd which is the biggest outdoor product retail shop in Singapore. They have provided equipment for me to test like Montane, Northface, Patagonia, Five Fingers, Sea To Summit, La Sportiva and Buff, and I have been very happy to test these stuff out in the field. I have also been sponsored twice by the company to race in Safra Adventura in which me and my partner have won the men’s novice in Third place.

I would say that I am addicted to adventure and I have chosen a path that has saved me from the hustle and bustle of life which everyone is so busy with. While everyone is so busy trying to earn money and spending it on restaurants, shopping, I would rather spend that money on my next adventure travel trip.


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  1. Well Jeremy you are taking the most out of life, and that is the way it should be rather than on the getting-and-spending realities just like what you said. Carpe diem! And walk the earth!

    • Hi Janice,

      You have to confirm your attendance with me. If you are residing in Singapore, we will carry out training before the trip. If you are not, no problem. I can advise you on training tips via Facebook or email or whatsapp!!

      For payment wise, air tickets can be bought as early as 6 months earlier, that’s more or less the confirmation. And payment will be made 1month before that trip. That is 10th May 2015 for Kilimanjaro as I need to do deposit to my friend at Tanzania.

      I’m looking for form a team of 6 pax for Kilimanjaro.

      Jeremy Tong Zhi Hao

  2. Hi Jeremy: Good luck with pursuing your passion. Thank you for the fantastic service at X-Boundaries today. – Mr Yeo

  3. Hi Jeremy, love your blog, it’s such an inspiration! Do you still have a slot for the Kinabalu climb in Jan 15? I’m keen and would like to know the exact dates and other details. Thanks!

    • Hi Wendy, I have space for you to climb with us. May I know your fitness level and whether you reside in Singapore? I can make arrangements but you might need to pay extra due to hotel accommodations bring single occupancy.

      Hoping for your reply from Nepal!!! Hahaha!!!

      Jeremy Tong

  4. Hi, i’d like to climb mount ophir, for 2pax. I’d like to know more information regarding the package and fees. I’d already left my email address. ๐Ÿ™‚ THANKS!

  5. Hi Jeremy,

    I read about your noble aspiration to conquer Mount Everest to raise funds for colon-rectal patients and also breast cancer.

    I’d like to discuss further with you, if I could “sponsor” your cause in a major way, as part of an existing community educational Campaign on colon & digestive health cancers, in particular.

    Appreciate if you could contact me: meichieng@gmail.com, earliest possible, so we could kick-start something huge to give justice to your efforts and of course, pay it forward in helping these patients, in whatever way possible.

    Thanks much!
    Mei Chieng

  6. Hi Jeremy,

    Wow, I was looking for some information about Gunung Ledang, and found your blog. It is wonderful!

    Could you kindly tell me how you organized the climb to Gunung Ledang? because I want to go climb it from Singapore and do not actually know how to get a permit, guide, and get there itself (probably by bus).

    If you are planning on going to this mountain after monsoon, especially during this March, may I join your group?

    I am also interested in some other adventure in Malaysia, and wonder if there is any group planning on a trecking in Malaysia during this March, late April, May.

    Please send me an email at your convenience.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Harim,

      I have added you on FB.

      I’m leading a trip to Mount Ophir from 11th to 12th Feb and Gunung Chamah and Ulu Sepat from 3-9th March 2017, right before my Everest Expedition.

      Will be my 9th trip there and will be glad to have you on the team as well.

      For more details, I’ll message you on Facebook.

      Jeremy Tong

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